Logistic company "Delivery" gives an opportunity to its clients to use a new service of the company "Delivery to Postomat"!

Mutual project of "Delivery" and "PrivatBank" allows to receive deliveries not only at the representative offices of the logistic company, but also through the network of 1,400 postomats that work in the bank branches of 490 cities of Ukraine.


Postomat – is an automatic postal terminal of self-service where a client can receive a parcel at convenient time, sent through the company "Delivery".

Map of PrivatBank postomats​

For addressee
Who is interested in this service?
Clients that order from internet shops goods up to 30 kg and general volume not more than 0.08 cubic meters.


How to receive a parcel at a postomat?
  • When the parcel arrives at the postomat, you will receive an SMS with the corresponding information.
  • Collect your delivery from the designated place – one of the “Privat Bank” branches, within 72 hours* from the moment you received the text message.
  • When receiving the parcel, authorize at the bank terminal with your mobile phone:
    • at the moment of authorization, a code will be sent to your mobile phone which needs to be entered at the terminal’s monitor
  • if needed, pay for receiving the parcel.
  • Collect your delivery from the postomat box. 

*In case if the client does not receive the parcel from the postomat within the designated time, it will be returned to the warehouse of delivery. Such a cargo will be accessible to be issued to the client as usual.

How to pay the parcel with the service “Delivery to Postomat”? 
To pay for the goods you ordered and/or its delivery, you can always use several convenient methods of payments:
  1. Payment with cash through the “Privat Bank” terminal
  2. Payment with a card through the “Privat Bank” terminal 
  3. Payment with a card through the User Area on the “Delivery” website with debiting to the card account
Advantages of the service “Delivery to Postomat” for the Addressee 
In order to receive the parcel in the postomat, one does not have to produce documents that certify the identity or make an issue certificate. 
You are to choose where and when to pick up your delivery.
You do not have to consider the working hours of the offices and you can adjust time of receiving the parcel on your own.


For sender
Who is interested in the service?
Internet shops that work in B2C sector and send the goods the clients ordered all over Ukraine. 


Orientation to client
To use service “Delivery to Postomat”, Sender (internet-shop) does not have to conclude a contract with a transporting company. 
Cost optimization
When choosing delivery to postomat, Sender does not use the services of the courier companies.
Safety guarantees 
Sender has an opportunity to control the delivery due to the tracking service in his User area on the website of “Delivery”.
Delivery to postomat is done on the following day after arriving at the receiving warehouse of "Delivery".


How to send the parcel to postomat

Option 1

  • Go to the website www.delivery-auto.com
  • Register/ go to your User area
  • When you prepare the receipt on your own, choose the city and the address of the “Privat Bank” postomat where the delivery needs to be delivered.
  • Choose the necessary type of the postomat box
  • State the needed parameters of the cargo
  • Prepare the receipt
  • Print receipt or calcomania
  • Stick the calcomania on cargo
  • Bring the cargo to Delivery warehouse to dispatch it or you can order the pick-up address service

Option 2

  • Come to the “Delivery” office*
  • During processing of the delivery, inform the operator that you order the service “Delivery to Postomat”
  • State the city and address of the “Privat bank” postomat where the delivery needs to be sent
  • Pay for the delivery.


How to pay for the delivery with the service “Delivery to Postomat”? 

With cash at the representative office of the company “Delivery”.

Sizes of the boxes

Postomat allows to send and receive different cargo – from a small envelope to a quite big postal packet. For your convenience, three types of boxes are available for different sizes of deliveries: L (large), М (medium), S (small).:

Box "S"
for the cargo sized 115*350*610 mm.
Box "М"
for the cargo sized 180*350*610 mm.
Box "L" 
for the cargo sized 370*350*610 mm.



Cost of the service “Delivery to Postomat” depends on the weight of the delivery and accordingly is:

   up to 10 kg = 45 UAH. (for boxes S, M, L)

   from 10 kg up to 20 kg = 65 UAH. (for boxes S, M, L)

   from 20 kg up to 30 kg = 85 UAH. (for boxes S, M, L)

Compulsory insurance

To guarantee cargos maximum security, all dispatches with «automatic parcel terminals delivery» service are subjects to insurance.

Declared value up to 1000 UAH cargos are insured for minimal insured value - 1001 UAH.

Declared value above 1001 UAH cargos are insured due to declared value.

What cargo cannot be sent through postomats?
  • Money.
  • Securities.
  • Valuables (precious decorations, antiques, artworks, etc).
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosive and flammable materials.
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances.
  • Products with short storage life.
  • Animals and plants.
  • Any items, that are forbidden for transportation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. 

And also: liquids, gases, fragile, and brittle items without special package.

This list does not extend to everything, that is why “Delivery” is entitled to refuse to transport any other dangerous items.

Special conditions
  • inspection of the parcel from the postomat can be done directly at the bank facility at the presence of the bank representative;
  • the addressee has a right to refuse to receive the parcel;
  • readdressing to other company representative offices is not possible;
  • current discounts for transportation in the company "Delivery" are not applied to the service "Delivery to Postomat". 


Frequently asked questions

What are the guarantees of safety of the “Delivery to Postomat” service?

“PrivatBank” postomats have a high level of security. They are located in well-lit crowded places equipped with surveillance cameras. A client is given a unique one-time code for each parcel. The system tracks when the parcel was received by the client.

Can I place two parcels in one box of the postomat?

No. You can place just one parcel in one box of the postomat. You can place any number of parcels in one postomat but in different boxes.

Can my relatives or friends collect the parcel instead of me?

No. Since authorization is done by the telephone number, you need to be with the mobile phone near the self-service terminal.

What do I do if after entering the code, the box did not open?   

Please make sure you entered the right code and try again. If the box of the postomat does not open after the second try, please call 3700 (“PrivatBank” hotline).

Why did not I receive an SMS concerning delivery of the parcel to the postomat?

You may not have received an SMS concerning delivery of the parcel to the postomat if you entered the wrong number. Please contact us by the telephone number 3700 (“PrivatBank” hotline).

What do I do if my order from the internet shop was not delivered to the postomat?

Please contact the operator by the telephone number 3700 (“PrivatBank” hotline) and briefly describe the situation. 


   Contact for more information: (067) 623-00-86