To the attention of the clients, "Delivery" company offers the service of subscribing service, and if you use it, you will be able to increase profitability of your business due to closer interaction with the company's employees. 

The main advantage of the service lies in the fact that each client receives a personal manager, to whom one can address with any questions concerning cooperation with our company. 

This service is, first of all, is advantageous to those clients that cooperate with the company on a constant basis, often transporting big amounts of cargo. Referring to a personal manager will allow you to save time since our employee will be aware of all the details, concerning working with the client. 

Subscribing service is a step towards the clients from "Delivery" company. We hope it will be given recognition and it will positively influence development and growth of profitability of our partners. 

Below you will find prices, presented by some plans that are different from each other by the list of services. This would allow to choose what you really want. 

You can make an order for this service or ask the questions you are interested in by the telephone 062-206-0-220 or through the contact form,  which is located below the prices.

Price per month


500 UAH

300 UAH

200 UAH

100 UAH

Categories/groups of clients  

VIP Clients

turnover from 50,000/mo 

from 30,000 to 50,000/mo 

from 10,000 to 30,000 /mo 

from 2,000 to 10,000/mo  

Types of services
1 Notification of the client (offers, new prices, opening new warehouses) 

2 Personal manager with a telephone line     

3 Notification of the client  about the cargo that is kept on the warehouse more than 3 days.      

4 Information servicing providing receipts about issuing the baggage (free) with preliminary agreement with the security service

5 Priority when considering a claim of security service 5 days

6 Prohibition to issue the cargo (free)

7 Preliminary entering of the receipts on  delivery  at one-time submitting more than 15 pcs.

8 Placement of adverts on the advertising stands with a 50% discount by concluding a contract by the parties.   

9 Priority at delivering the cargo (priority stickers)

10 Priority at pick-up and delivery of the cargo (delivery on the day of arrival  the cargo comes at 2-00 pm, pick-up on the day of order, order before 2-00 pm). 

11 Redirecting the address by a telephone call with the following written confirmation

12 Priority in processing and delivery accounting documents on the 8th day of the month

13 Changing the addressee by a telephone call with the following written confirmation

14 Storing above the time limit up to 14 days.   

15 Servicing out of turn

16 Personal parking place

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