«Delivery» Company has opened the first logistic Customer Service Center

On November 3 «Delivery» Company opened the first logistic Customer Service Center.

At the beginning of the solemn ceremony a red ribbon was snipped by «Delivery» Chief executive officer Lakatosh E.S. and Chairman of Board of «Ukraine automobile corporation» Kozis A.N.

Universal efficient communication experience with customers got into Ukrainian market.

«Delivery» became the first company that have created customized platform for arrangement business meetings between company, government and public (clients).

One of the main reasons to open Customer Service Center was understanding of the fact that company’s dynamic development implies face-to-face contact with our clients.

At Customer Service Center, clients will be able to meet TOP-managers, chiefs of departments, customer service managers, chiefs of warehouses, chief of representative offices and Chief executive officer. In addition, clients have an opportunity to test all program goods such as device application «Delivery-Auto» and «Delivery module for 1C» on interactive demo-stand.

Every month conferences, forums, professional master classes with leaders of enterprises, company partners and international experts will take place at Customer Service Center.

There will be special focus on development of logistic branch in Ukraine and organization of common standard in cargo transportation sphere.

Customer Service Center is situated in the center of Kiev: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str, 15/2, telephone number: (044) 238-83-54.

We are glad to see you at «Delivery» Customer Service Center.


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the working schedule of the representative offices on November 4, 2015:

Kharkiv city (representative office №2) - due to technical  reasons  until 4 p.m. there will no be electicity at the representative office.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the working schedule of the representative offices on November 3, 2015:

Mariupol city (representative office №1) - due to technical  reasons  there is no electicity at the representative office.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Delivery has introduced 1С: Enterprise delivery extension

Dear clients!

Delivery logistic company is happy to present external 1С: Enterprise delivery extension for API data exchange.

Module has been produced jointly with official 1С: Enterprise goods partner «BGS Solutions» in Ukraine. 

The main module advantages:

1.   Convenient receipt execution in 1С: Enterprise.  In virtue of prepared documents, there is a possibility to create a receipt by use of information, which has been saved in the system.

2.   Immediate pick up cargo execution. When the receipt has been executed, Delivery employee receives information, after that there is a quick possibility to check and confirm information and to send pick up transport.

3.   Possibility to make cargos calculations independently. Previous cargo calculations show all receipt discounts.

4.   Smart organization. «Consumer’s order» and «Realization of goods and services» sections show all receipts relating to document or way-bill numbers.

5.   Simple installation and removal of the prohibition of delivery. There is a possibility to choose necessary receipt at executed register and to put/take off the prohibition of delivery.

6.   Security.  Upload submission security by use of open and closed API keys.

7.   Free of charge usage. 

We have produced a program, which could completely satisfy consumer’s needs in logistic.

Enjoy advantages of Delivery module for 1C!



Moving of the representative office in Balta city

Dear clients,

From Octoder 30, the representative office of logistic company “Delivery” in Balta city is situated at the new address:

50 rokiv Zhovtnya street, 11, Balta city, tel.: (067) 557-60-36

Working hours:
Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off


Delivery has taken part at top manager’s «Conductors of developments» Forum.

Logistic company «Delivery» has taken part in main event of autumn – «Сonductors of developments» Forum.

The main idea was transformation of government, business and society. Essential part of transformational processes are dynamic people, who are able to change business and society.  The new question has appeared: who are these leaders and what rules they confess?

«Conductors of developments» Forum gives opportunity to take answer of this question to more than 200 Financial Executive Officers, Chief executive officers and business owners.

Among speakers were representatives of Ministry of Infrastructure, «NaftoGaz of Ukraine» and other main figures in development of government economy.

Delivery Company is dynamic participant, who builds dialog between business and government.

The main aim of Forum is to receive honest answers without formality.

«Conductors of developments» Forum has taken place on October 29 in Kiev, Naberezhno-Kreshatitska str., 1.


Delivery Company was a cargos partner at «DistributionMaster-2015»


Delivery logistic company was a cargos partner at annual «DistributionMaster-2015» Forum: «New development directions of business distribution».

The annual exclusive meeting for professionals for all «Distribution», «Production» and «Retail» branches has gathered more than 150 top managers from Ukrainian companies.

Participants have shared their experience of efficient decisions how to increase marginality, to improve «Service packet», to form-up partner relationships, to conquest and maintain attitude at the market.

Delivery Company has been represented by the chief of sales department (Kiev and Kiev region) – Anton Bondarev.

«DistributionMaster-2015» took place on October 29 in Kiev, Brovarsky Avenue, 15.


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the working schedule of the representative offices on October 28, 2015:

Zvenyhorodka city - due to technical  reasons the landline telephone (04740) 2-50-67 temporarily is not working at the representative office.

Should you have any questions, please refer by the telephone: (067) 623-10-77.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Сongratulations with automobilist and road worker day!

Dear clients and partners! Sincerely greetings with automobilist and road worker day in Ukraine!

Your profession is everyday hard work, which needs emotional and physical return, professional skills and talent, at the same time your work is full of romantic and traditions.

Help, honour, solidarity are concept of sincere and honest between automobilists.

We want to thank you for overcome distance opportunity and for receiving dispatches from family possibility.

We wish you happiness and harmony at your houses. Please, drive masterfully and carefully. We wish all your roads would be straight!


Delivery will appear as a general partner of the 3-d annual Contract Logistics Forum 2015

The main transport and warehouse logistics event of autumn will gather all branches leaders. Heads of logistics departments and chain delivery managing of FMCG sphere, Retail, Industry, and Production will discuss current questions about cooperation with national logistics experts. Forum auditory will exceed 150 thousand people.

Contract Logistics Forum 2015 will give practical recommendations and ultimate solutions how to decrease logistics, transport expenses and will offer the main development trends.

The 3-d annual Contract Logistics Forum 2015 will take place on November 21 in Gospitalnaya str, 4 (Rus Hotel).

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