“Delivery” takes part in AGRO-2015

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in XXVII International agricultural and industrial exhibition “AGRO-2015”.

Crucially important event at the scale of the country in the field of agricultural sector of Ukraine plans to host more than 1,100 participants from 14 countries of the world. Each year the exhibition is attended by the top people of the country, management of the agricultural sector from all the regions of Ukraine, top management and specialists of the enterprises. Business site of the exhibition is an efficient means to enter Ukrainian agrarian market.

The exhibition takes place in Kyiv from June 3 to June 6 at the national expocenter of Ukraine at the address: 1 Academician Hlushkov Avenue.

P.S. “AGRO 2015” is visited by new PR manager of “Delivery”, charismatic robot Delver. He will share his impressions from the exhibition in his blog of corporate network Yammer


New project on logistics optimization “Tariff plans” from “Delivery”!

Dear clients,

You often ask yourselves how to optimize your logistics, but when you chase to reduce costs, you miss simple and understandable solutions.

What can be simpler and clearer to save on logistics than 1 kg of cargo? Right! Nothing! Complicated commercial calculations and advertising tricks cannot hide behind it. A kilogram is a kilogram at any circumstances, in contrast to illusive discounts.

The company "Delivery" launches a new project "Tariff plans", and tells the truth what the cost for transportation of 1 kg of your cargo is:

1.88 UAH - for such an average price per 1 kg every month 200,000 of "Delivery" clients transports their cargoes on 7 tariff zones of Ukraine!

We do not just help you to plan your expenses, but we offer to reduce costs for transportation of 1 kg and 1 m3 significantly due to system of tariff plans of "Delivery".

Get involved into new projects "Tariff plans" and you can transport your cargo more profitably!


Rapid chess competition among employees of «Delivery»

Rapid chess competition was conducted among employees of company “Delivery” in May 31 at Kyiv Chess Club “Gambit”. Total number of participants reached 12 persons. The competition was conducted in accordance with Swiss-system tournament which is especially widespread in mind games such as chess, checks, shogi, go, renju and all that.

Chess competition with 7 rounds was held without elimination of participants but with time control of 15 minutes per play. Andrii Poliakov, chief of warehouse Zaporizhzhya-2 took the first place. Serhii Smoktii, director of IT-department of development office of the company, received silver. The third place belongs to director of Kyiv Regional Center-1 – Shvets Hennadii.

All winners were rewarded with symbolic money prizes and thematic books “Chess Endgame Course”, “The Best Games of Contemporary Grandmasters” and “The Great Opposition”

Andrushchak Maksym Yuriiovych, judge of the first category, was judging the competition.

The next chess competition will be held in autumn 2015.


Delver shared his cheerful mood with passers-by

Last weekend became even more festive. This year Holy Trinity Sunday coincided with celebration of the birthday of the capital of Ukraine. The residents and guests of Kyiv city who promenaded in the main street on May 30-31, had a chance to take part not only in cycle race, but also in ballroom dance competition.

The company “Delivery” and PR-manager of the company, charismatic robot Delver, took part in festivities! This weekends at Khreshchatyk street Delver communicated with interested passers-by, told them about advantages of work with the company “Delivery” and just shared his cheerful mood! The most touching moment was the moment of Delver conversation with children – numerous of photos, ingenuous smiles, friendly pictures and singing of the national anthem of Ukraine together with children and their parents.

For popularization of the new project “Tariff plans” of the company, during two holidays at Khreshatyk street there were distributed more than 1500 informational booklets “Clear standard of saving” from “Delivery”. 


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

We draw your attention to the work of representative offices on June 2, 2015

Izium city — due to technical reasons there is no electricity at representative office.

Please, watch the information updates on the website. 


Happy Trinity Sunday!

Dear friends!

From the deep of our heart we congratulate you with Trinity Sunday!

We wish you to believe in kindness and love, holy blessing and largess. Peace to every home! Let your heart will always be cheerful and calm.

Happy holiday!


“Delivery” launched new service “Pallet board”

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you about a new service of the company “Pallet board”.

Starting from June 1 you can use warehouse packaging, pallet board for storing, safe transportation of the goods. It is a detachable, folded enclosure for pallets.

Within the framework of this offer, “Delivery” will be able to guarantee complete safety of the cargo and even faster perform quality delivery of the goods.

This kind of packaging is very popular all over the world.

Among its advantages:

reliable protection due to rigid construction;

a possibility to increase the height needed;

- versatility depending on the amount of the cargo;

- reasonable price, etc.

Price of the service “Pallet board” per unit of commodity with the bar code is 20 UAH. The norm of “filling” of one pallet board is set to the level of at least 70 kg and at least 0.2 cubic meters.

This service is provided by all the representative offices of the company. 


Delivery acts as a general partner of My supply chain action 2015

Logistic company «Delivery» acts as an exclusive partner of My supply chain action 2015 - business-meeting for chiefs of supply chains. Topic of conference: from incident management to control the whole supply chain.

More than 120 participants during workshops and the first business-game discuss the most successful projects implemented by the chiefs of logistic companies considering control of the whole supply chain: projects, business-processes, team, inner and outer contractors.

During one of the workshops, company “Delivery” presents to participants their new project for development of international network of company and abroad delivery – the report will be presented by development project director Oleksandr Ilnytskyi.

This event will be held on May 29 – 30 in country complex “Trypilske sontse” (10km away from Kyiv)


Moving of the office center in Odesa city

Dear clients,

From May 30, South regional center of logistic company “Delivery” in Odesa city will be situated at the new address:

115 Chornomorskoho Kozatstva street, Odesa city, tel.: (067) 544-00-34

Please, pay attention that due to moving the office are not going to work on May 29.

Thank you for understanding


“Delivery” is an exclusive transportation partner of the 13th All Ukrainian Logistician Day

Logistic company “Delivery” acted as an exclusive transportation partner of the 13th All Ukrainian practical Master-meeting of logistic top-managers “Time for unusual decisions and breakthrough innovations”.

Annual event will be held as part of unofficial All Ukrainian Logistician Day.

Traditionally on this day representatives of the branch actively share their practical decisions of all stages of goods distribution: starting with planning and management in supply chains, improvement of efficiency of warehousing, transport and information support of companies and ending with transfer of logistic business-processes to outsourcing.

In 2015 more than 150 (!) chiefs of logistic of trading and manufacturing companies received access to information about the best logistic tendencies from the leading experts of logistic.

Special guest – speaker of the conference, chief of sales department of “Delivery” Yurii Rastriopin presented new project of the company on optimization of logistic for clients “Tariff plans”. At the same time, development project director of the company Oleksandr Ilnytskyi told about active development of international deliveries.

All Ukrainian Logistician Day was held on May 28, in conference hall of hotel “Cosmopolite” in Kyiv city.

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