“Delivery” launched new service “Pallet board”

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you about a new service of the company “Pallet board”.

Starting from June 1 you can use warehouse packaging, pallet board for storing, safe transportation of the goods. It is a detachable, folded enclosure for pallets.

Within the framework of this offer, “Delivery” will be able to guarantee complete safety of the cargo and even faster perform quality delivery of the goods.

This kind of packaging is very popular all over the world.

Among its advantages:

reliable protection due to rigid construction;

a possibility to increase the height needed;

- versatility depending on the amount of the cargo;

- reasonable price, etc.

Price of the service “Pallet board” per unit of commodity with the bar code is 20 UAH. The norm of “filling” of one pallet board is set to the level of at least 70 kg and at least 0.2 cubic meters.

This service is provided by all the representative offices of the company. 


Delivery acts as a general partner of My supply chain action 2015

Logistic company «Delivery» acts as an exclusive partner of My supply chain action 2015 - business-meeting for chiefs of supply chains. Topic of conference: from incident management to control the whole supply chain.

More than 120 participants during workshops and the first business-game discuss the most successful projects implemented by the chiefs of logistic companies considering control of the whole supply chain: projects, business-processes, team, inner and outer contractors.

During one of the workshops, company “Delivery” presents to participants their new project for development of international network of company and abroad delivery – the report will be presented by development project director Oleksandr Ilnytskyi.

This event will be held on May 29 – 30 in country complex “Trypilske sontse” (10km away from Kyiv)


Moving of the office center in Odesa city

Dear clients,

From May 30, South regional center of logistic company “Delivery” in Odesa city will be situated at the new address:

115 Chornomorskoho Kozatstva street, Odesa city, tel.: (067) 544-00-34

Please, pay attention that due to moving the office are not going to work on May 29.

Thank you for understanding


“Delivery” is an exclusive transportation partner of the 13th All Ukrainian Logistician Day

Logistic company “Delivery” acted as an exclusive transportation partner of the 13th All Ukrainian practical Master-meeting of logistic top-managers “Time for unusual decisions and breakthrough innovations”.

Annual event will be held as part of unofficial All Ukrainian Logistician Day.

Traditionally on this day representatives of the branch actively share their practical decisions of all stages of goods distribution: starting with planning and management in supply chains, improvement of efficiency of warehousing, transport and information support of companies and ending with transfer of logistic business-processes to outsourcing.

In 2015 more than 150 (!) chiefs of logistic of trading and manufacturing companies received access to information about the best logistic tendencies from the leading experts of logistic.

Special guest – speaker of the conference, chief of sales department of “Delivery” Yurii Rastriopin presented new project of the company on optimization of logistic for clients “Tariff plans”. At the same time, development project director of the company Oleksandr Ilnytskyi told about active development of international deliveries.

All Ukrainian Logistician Day was held on May 28, in conference hall of hotel “Cosmopolite” in Kyiv city.


"Delivery" takes part in "SIA-Auto TechService"

Logistic company "Delivery" takes part in SIA-Auto TechService which is the only B2B exhibition for car maintenance and after sale service market in Ukraine.

This event is an effective basis for establishing business contacts between international and domestic car market participants. During the exhibition, foreign and national companies may directly communicate and reach an agreement about cooperation with the most valuable potential clients - the biggest sectorial buyers of equipment, tools, component parts etc.

Every year, more than 20 new producers and distributors come into the market with the help of the exhibition.

The exhibition is held in Kyiv city from May 27 to May 30 in International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarskyi Ave.)

P.s. New PR manager of the company "Delivery", charismatic robot Delver, visited "SIA-Auto TechService 2015". Delver shares his impressions from the exhibition and meetings with professionals in his blog in corporate network Yammer.


"Delivery" takes part in one of the biggest in Ukraine exhibition forums of manufacturers

Logistic company "Delivery" takes part in one of the biggest exhibition forum of manufacturers in Ukraine.

This year more than 120 participants present their products and services at the expo-forum. Among them there are industrial enterprises of Ukraine, countries of Europe and Asia. “Delivery” is represented by the specialists of Zaporizhzhya representative offices. During the event the participants not only can present their know how – machines, equipment, tools and innovation technologies, but there are huge possibilities for the companies to meet and share experience with competent Ukrainian and foreign experts, scientist and businessmen of different fields of industry. Topics for discussion are quite wide: from problems and prospects for Ukrainian enterprises to technical aspects of entering new markets, namely European ones.

The event foresees carrying out of XXIII International Specialized Exhibition “Mechanical engineering. Metallurgy”, exhibition-conferences “Foundry”, “Composites and fiberglass” and also some round tables, seminars, practical courses, and master classes.

The expo-forum will take place from May 26 to May 28 in the “Kozak-Palace” (70-б Peremohy street, Zaporizhzya city)


The landline telephone at the warehouse in Komsomolsk city is not working

Dear clients!

Let us drive you attention to the fact that on May 25, 2015 due to technical  reasons, the landline telephone (05348) 3-06-91 temporarily is not working at the representative office in Komsomolsk city.

Should you have any questions, please refer by the telephone: (067) 620-76-38.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Work schedule «Delivery» on Day of the Holy Trinity

Dear clients!

With aim to create comfort conditions in cooperation with “Delivery” we publish approved work schedule of the company for the period of Day of the Holy Trinity:

May 30, 2015 – company works as usual.

May 31, 2015  day off

June 1, 2015 – working day from 9-00 to 15-00

We ask you to pay attention that cargoes accepted to sending on June will start their traffic on June 02 and will be delivered according to terms.

Thank you for understanding


The company "Delivery" took part at «Aquatherm 2015»

Logistic company "Delivery" took part at 17th International Exhibition «Aqua-therm 2015». This forum is a distinctly segmented sectoral event of  East European industry HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning).  

The forum is a professional ground for launching new products and decisions on the market  in the field of professional heating, water supply, ventilation, air-conditioning, renewable energy, plumbing equipment, and swimming pools.    

Within the framework of "Aquatherm 2015" exhibition there are about two dozens professional events and presentations, that are visited by more than 3,000 specialists from all over the world.  88% of them are responsible or influence making decisions, being directors and managers of the enterprises all over Ukraine. 

P.s. New PR manager of "Delivery", charismatic robot Delver, visited "Aquatherm 2015" exhibition.  Delver shares his impressions from the exhibition and meetings with professionals in his blog in corporate network Yammer.  



Moving of representative office in Chernihiv city

Dear clients,

From May 2, the representative office of logistic company “Delivery” in Chernihiv city (warehouse №2) is situated at the new address:

28 Dzerzhynskoho street, Chernihiv city, (067) 620-79-92, (0462) 91-50-54

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