Opening representative office in Zhovti Vody city

Dear clients! 

We are glad to inform you that starting from October 27, 2014, our representative office in Zhovti Vody city (Dnepropetrovsk region) was opened.
Address of the representative office: 141 Bohuna Str.
telephone:(067) 536-36-80

Working hours: MON-FRI: 9:00AM-6:00PM, SAT: 9:00AM-3:00PM


Failures in sending SMS notifications

Dear customers!

Due to technical problems with the operation of the mobile operator may fail in sending SMS notifications. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Opening representative office in Brovary city warehouse №2

Dear clients! 

We are glad to inform you that starting from October 24, 2014, our representative office in Brovary city (Kiev region) was opened.
Address of the representative office: 1 Shcholkivska Str.
telephone: (067) 553-67-05

Working hours: MON-FRI: 9:00AM-6:00PM, SAT: 9:00AM-3:00PM


Delivery entered the US market

The expert of the logistic market, company Delivery started to provide services of international transportation of goods from the USA into Ukraine. The company plans to cover considerable part of this market having concluded advantageous contracts with American companies acting in the branches of trading, manufacturing and rendering of services.

The first test delivery of cargo “To the door” from New-York to Kyiv was performed on October 22 and it took 72 hours. We could reach tight time periods due to using of aviation transportation which is the fastest and safest means of transportation known as of today.

“For the last year we have been researching manufacturing and consumer potentials of the US market to adapt the strategy of rendering logistic services specifically for this territory”, – commented Natalia Hlobenko, manager of the foreign trade activities department of the Delivery Company.

It is supposed that after testing the project on delivering the goods from the US, this positive experience will be applied in other foreign countries.



Pan-Ukrainian Master-session “Logistic-Master-2014”

Company Delivery is going to have a report within the framework of general partnership of the third Pan-Ukrainian Master-session “Logistic-Master-2014”

Logistic company Delivery is going to take part in third Pan-Ukrainian Master-session “LogisticMaster-2014”, which will take place on October 28 at City Exhibition Center “Servicebud” at 15, Brovarskyi prospect.

Yuriy Rastryopin, manager of the sales and development department of Delivery company is willing to share professional experience in business program of the forum, devoted to the issues of developing optimum structure of domestic and international supplies under current market conditions.

Speaker’s report with the name “Logistic Operator: practical experience of solving tasks of delivery and safekeeping of the cargo on the most difficult from the busy destinations” will take place from 2:30 pm to 3:40 pm.

Detailed information about the forum is available at the site of the event: https://trademaster.ua/conference_tm/32

! Company Delivery gives its clients a unique opportunity to receive a 30% discount to visit the forum. To participate in the offer, please tell the password “Везёт с Деливери!” to the organizer of the event through the telephone or when filling in of the application form. 


Changing of legal address of LLC "Delivery"

Dear clients!

Please drive your attention to the changing of the legal address of the LLC "Delivery"

We can provide you with the copies of following documents:

Information from United State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU);

Extract from the State Registration Service of Ukraine


Work of representative office in Khartsysk city is renewed

Dear clients! 

On Oktober 22, 2014 representative offices in Khartsysk city renews working for ISSUE / RECEIVING of the cargo!

 RECEIVING of the cargo is performed. 


Delivery have done successful

At the official page of company “Delivery” there appeared message about winning number of bill which brought to the proud owner authentic Italian coffee machine on the 17th day of October. In such a way the holiday special offer “Load your Luck” from logistics company “Delivery” which was organized for citizens of Kharkiv in honor of 350 years anniversary as from the date of foundation of the city was over.

The holiday special offer “Load your Luck” from “Delivery” continued in the period from September 16, 2014 to October 16, 2014. The key condition of participation was confirmed usage of services of the company and fulfillment of several simple rules.

Clients had to register the number of stock delivery note with the mark “ЗаВантаж Удачу!” (“Load your Luck”) by means of text-message, e-mail or at the official page of the company at Facebook in specified period of time. Sent before 23:59 numbers of the stock delivery notes participated in prize drawing on the next day. The fate of the super prize was decided on the last day of the special offer by generating of random numbers at the one of the famous web-portals.

Thus each client could win wonderful Italian coffee machine (which is useful during inexorably approaching cold weather) or other useful presents from the company.

Kateryna Hryshyna, head of marketing department of “Delivery”: “Each adult person comes from childhood: all of us as our children continue to wait for a miracle. It is pleasant in double measure in case if miracles appear in working days and absolutely gratis. We want to give to our clients this feeling of irrepressible joy which we felt when we were children. We hope that this time we will be succeed”.


Interesting information about the special offer:

  • Coincidentally the winner of the super prize became a client, which at the first day of special offer registered his stock delivery note as the first to take a part;
  • The category “ The Luckiest” was won by the client that won 11! prizes;
  • The nomination “The most active” was won by the client, which registered 42! stock delivery notes during the whole period of offer;
  • 26 daily drawings of lottery took place for the whole time of offer;
  • 25 % of the sent stock delivery notes would be winning.


There may be delays when sending/receiving the cargo to/from Luhansk region

Dear clients,

Please drive your attention to the fact that due to military operations that take place on the territory of Luhansk region, there may be delays when sending/receiving cargo at the representative offices in the cities: Alchevsk, Stakhanov, Krasnodon, Sverdlovsk, Krasnyi Luch and also in the cities, where Regional addressed delivery of the cargo is – Antratsyt, Rovenky


Work of representative office in Donetsk city (№5) is renewed

Dear clients! 

On Oktober 14, 2014 representative offices in Donetsk city (warehouses №5) renews working for ISSUE / RECEIVING of the cargo!

 RECEIVING of the cargo is performed. 

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