Припинення роботи складу у м. Хирів

Шановні клієнти!

Зверніть увагу, що з 10.07.2019 р. припинив роботу склад у м. Хирів за адресою вул. Добромильська, 5А.

Ви можете скористатися найближчим складом у м. Старий Самбір за адресою вул. Льва Галицького, 42Б.

Телефон: (067) 541-81-32

Графік роботи:

ПН-ПТ: з 9:00 до 18:00

СБ: з 9:00 до 15:00

НД: вихідний

або можете замовити адресний забір за телефоном: 0 800 509 609

Дякуємо за розуміння.

Будемо раді бачити Вас на наших представництвах!


Electronic consignment note: like a new Decree of Ministry of Infrastructure will change the market (press-conference).

The Decree with changes in Rules of transportation of cargo by road transport in Ukraine was signed by Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The document provides introduction of electronic consignment note.

On Friday, July 12, we are going to invite you to the press-conference “Electronic consignment note: like a new Decree of Ministry of Infrastructure will change the market”.

Participants of the event are:

  • Safarov Farid Kamil ogly, CEO of Directorate of digital infrastructure in transportation industry of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
  • Andrii Ivasiv, Co-founder of Delivery Group
  • Andrii Yerashov, Head of Committee of enterprise development of Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs
  • Oksana Ferchuk, Chief of electronic documents exchange service “Vchasno”
  • Vladyslav Prytomanov, Executive of duties in section “Transport” of Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO)

Time and place: Friday, July 12, at 10:30 a.m.

Location: Interfax-Ukraine, Kyiv city, 8/5A Reitarska street

Accreditation required.

On issues relating to accreditation or additional information, do not hesitate to call at phone number (098) 562 54 97 or send e-mail to v.dubovskaya@vchasno.ua or to Facebook profile (Viktoriia Dubovska, Communication manager of service “Vchasno”).


Акція «Вантаж ВАГомий надсилай - енергійно відпочивай»

Літо – незабутнє маленьке життя. Влітку трапляються найбільш пам'ятні та веселі моменти.

Адже це пора активного відпочинку, нових пригод та подорожей. Забезпечте собі незабутній відпочинок разом з акцією від Делівері «Вантаж ВАГомий надсилай - енергійно відпочивай»!

У період з 8 липня по 2 вересня 2019 відправляйте вантаж вагою від 250 кг за однією квитанцією - та беріть участь у ЩОТИЖНЕВОМУ розіграші призів!

8 наборів для спідмінтону

8 туристичних рюкзаків

8 скейтбордів

8 волейбольних м’ячів

1 головний приз - ВЕЛОСИПЕД "Cannondale"! - буде розіграний 2 вересня -  серед всіх квитанцій відправників за період акції!

Імена переможців можна побачити на офіційній сторінці «Делівері» в Facebook.

Лови літо просто зараз!


Переїзд складу №5 в м. Київ

Шановні клієнти!

Повідомляємо Вам, що 8 липня склад №5 у м. Київ переїде на нову адресу: вул. Бориспільська, 9

Телефон: (050) 476-58-55, (067) 620-61-63

Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: з 9.00 до 21.00
Сб.: з 9.00 до 17.00
Нд.: вихідний

Будемо раді бачити Вас на наших представництвах!


NEW! Delivery Company launched a platform to analyze transportations and save money!

Delivery Company opened a platform for the clients to evaluate their transportations, calculate savings on discounts, tariffs and loyalty program. On the website of Delivery Company, the section “My analytics” was appeared in the Personal Area, which includes several blocks of analysis: by time of delivery, weight indexes, discounts, balance of the account on transport and forwarding services and insurance services, and financial indicators.

  1. Timeliness of cargo delivery. The indicators such as timely delivery to the door or the warehouse are estimated in the section. In order to estimate the share of the clients’ cargoes that have been delivered to the warehouse on time, the Company compares the initial date of arrival of the cargo in the receipt with the date of physical receipt of the placing of the cargo by the scanner at the warehouse. It is possible to trace the dynamics for 6 months.
  2. Weight indexes are linked to the amount of cargo that the client sends per month, the so-called tariff plan. The more cargo has been transported, the higher tariff plan is assigned to the client and they can get the higher discount or additional benefits.
  3. The current discount and global discount rates are monitored in real time by the client.
  4. Balance. If you choose the period of interest, you can get the current calculation of transport and forwarding services and insurance service (cashless transfers). The most convenient function is the possibility to download the client's card to your smartphone or computer.
  5. In financial indicators, on the one hand, the client can compare what the costs of the services of transportation, additional services, as well as storage at the main and subsidiary organizations will cost them on a monthly basis, on the other hand, they can see the amount of savings on promotional offers, special rates, discounts, loyalty program.

The actual savings can be estimated not only in absolute numbers, but also in percentage terms. For this purpose, the amount saved by the client is related to the amount that the client would have to pay without the discount (the amount actually paid + the amount of savings).

At the same time, the client can analyze the sources of savings for the current month, or track the dynamics for six months on the specific criterion for the more thorough analysis.

“My analytics” is designed to facilitate the decision-making process and risk assessment of business owners, directors and logisticians!


«Делівері» розширила можливості перевезень посилок!

Starting from July 03, Delivery Company offers the clients the enhanced possibilities for transportation of cargoes of parcel size.

Four new types of cardboard boxes were added to the portfolio of additional services.

From now a client can get the box of any types of cargoes for 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, and 30 kg.

“From the moment of the service extension, we have updated the product appearance – the box with QR-code that provides the information about tariffs, discounts, personal benefits of the clients, - that is the interactional channel in the communication with the users of our services. You can put in the box everything that is permitted to transfer and send to any point of Ukraine”, - commented Olena Lakatosh, CEO of Delivery Company.

In the last few months the Company offered their clients a set of improvements in the section of the transportations of parcels starting from execution of COD payment at all warehouses of the Company till delivery of cargo by SMS-code.

You can find more information about price list here.


Special offer "I want more this Jule"

This summer started without notification and captured the whole country!

Friends share photos of the sea and long holidays in the social nets. Do you also want to spend this summer unbelievably and full of emotions? – Participate in the offer of Delivery Company – “I want more this July”!

From Jule 03 till Jule 31 when using services of sending or receiving of cargoes with help of Delivery, we will give you back 10 UAH in means of bonuses to your virtual account at the loyalty program!

You can spend the accumulated points for payment of Warehouse-Warehouse via Delivery Company or exchange them for pleasant gifts for your beloved.

To take part in the special offer you should:

1. Register in the loyalty program «Club Delivery Group»

2. Send or receive the cargo from one of the warehouses which participates in the offer.

3. Be payer upon receipt.


Переїзд складу в м. Кам'янець-Подільський

Шановні клієнти!

Повідомляємо Вам, що 3 липня склад №1 у м. Кам'янець-Подільський переїхав на нову адресу: вул. Вокзальна 2/8 (міжрайбаза). 

Телефон: 38 (067) 620-54-28 

Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: з 9.00 до 18.00
Сб.: з 9.00 до 15.00
Нд.: вихідний

Натомість, склад №2 у м.Кам'янець-Подільський за адресою вул. Північна 81 г - припинив свою роботу. 

Будемо раді бачити Вас на наших представництвах!


Відкриття нового представництва у м. Глобине

Шановні клієнти!

Із радістю повідомляємо Вам, що 2 липня відкрилося наше представництво «Делівері»  у м. Глобине

Чекаємо на Вас за адресою: вул. Виноградна, 3А


Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: с 9.00 до 18.00
Сб.: с 9.00 до 15.00
Нд.: вихідний

Будемо раді Вас бачити!


Opening of new representative office in Irpin city

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 1, our representative office of Delivery Company was opened in Irpin city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 3 Ozerna street.

Phone: (067) 695 57 46

Schedule of work:

Mon-Fri: from 9.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m.

Sat: from 9.00 a.m. till 3.00 p.m.

Sun: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!

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