Особливості роботи складу в м. Києві (представництво №5)

Шановні клієнти!

Через технічні причини склад компанії в м. Києві (представництво №5 вул. Зрошувальна, 5В) 18 травня не працюватиме.

20 травня – робота складу буде відновлена.

Ми пропонуємо Вам скористатись послугами найближчих відділень, або замовити адресний забір/ доставку вантажу.

З детальною інформацією про послуги «Делівері» Ви можете ознайомитись у тарифах на сайті.


Delivery logistic company updates “Construction price list”

Delivery logistic company updates “Construction price list” which will come into force on May 16.

In particular, the range is expanded and tariffs for the transportation of the following construction products, such as pipes, profiles, skirtings, grids in a roll are changed.

There is a reminder that “Construction price list” special tariff put into effect by Delivery Company within frames of industry solution for manufacturers and distributors of construction, repair and finishing materials.

“Construction price list” is applied to sending of: ladders, liquid construction materials (laquers, paints, primers, glues, putty, finishing), loose mixes in bags, profiles, skirtings, tabletops, laminate and parquet, tiles, soundproofing materials, various types of grids (rabitz, galvanized, etc.), floating / gypsum ceilings, corrugated pipes for electricity, as well as drain and sewer plastic pipes.

Within frames of the tariff, the single price for delivery of construction goods though Ukraine is settled and payment is conducted per unit of cargo.

The important advantage of “Construction price list” is also cancelation of payment for receipt drawing up.

You can find prices of “Construction price list” and other special tariffs here


"Delivery" invites to cooperate on franchising conditions

Logistic company "Delivery" invites to cooperate on franchising conditions in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

Reliability of the partner company is confirmed by 17-years experience of work in the field of automobile transportations and belonging to a large group of companies "Delivery Group":

  • Brand of national scale.
  • Mutual participation in advertising campaigns.
  • Сall-centre, on-call solving issues of the clients.
  • Support by Customer Service Department.

Additional privileges:

  • Low financial threshold of entering.
  • Forecast ROI - from 6 months.
  • Receiving of additional incomes from full-freight transportations and international transportations from companies DelTruck and Delivery-International.

You can get acquainted with the list of top-priority cities for partnership, with detailed information also fill in the application on franchising conditions here and we will contact you.



Delivery Company changed tariffs for some additional services

Dear Clients!

We draw your attention to the fact that from May 13, new tariffs of Delivery Company were launched for the next additional services:

Type of additional service

Tariffs, UAH

MINI-transparent additional packaging (2 meters of stretch film, 2 meters of scotch tape)


MIDI-dark  additional packaging (2 meters of stretch film, 2 meters of scotch tape)


Purchase of roll corrugated cardboard in number of 1 running meter


Sale of pallets


Return of the pallets from the warehouse


You can get to know full list of the Company services and tariffs here.



The Day of Memory and Reconciliation

The Day of Memory and Reconciliation is a symbol of infinite act of bravery and exceptional heroism of people who defend peace and independence of their native land. Let their courage and heroism never be forgotten by anyone. Let the spirit of victory inspires hearts and leads you forward - to new acts of bravery and new life of happy free generations.

Peaceful sky in Ukraine to all of us.


Рromotion «I want more this May"

There are feeling of warmth, sunny days and good mood to the full.

It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy not only the beauty of spring as well as gifts and additional discounts in May.

In the period from May 08 to May 31, every time you send or receive cargoes through Delivery Company, we will refund 10 UAH as bonuses on your virtual account in the Loyalty Program!

You will be able to spend accumulated points on the "Warehouse - Warehouse" transportation through Delivery Company, or to exchange them for pleasant gifts for your loved ones.

To participate in the offer:

1. Register in the loyalty program Club Delivery Group

2. Send or receive cargo from one of the warehouses that participates in the offer.

3. Be a payer on receipt.


Offer “Build vigorously – relax stylishly”

How less human needs for happiness! Appetizing savor of barbecue with wave-shaped sweet odor of lilac, surrounded a glade of dandelions and lilies of the valley by their thickets…We are ready to present you this tinny happiness in the period from May to June within “Build vigorously – relax stylishly” offer!

In the period from May 06 to June 30 inclusively you can send construction materials on “Construction price”, special tariff – and participate in weekly draw of barbecue sets, hanging swings, thermal bags, tables with chairs for picnic. According to results of the offer, on July 1 a set for barbecue grill will be draw among all senders of receipts!

You can see offer details and also winners’ names on Delivery official page at Facebook.

And remember: who work well –relax well!


Moving of the warehouse in Chaplinka city

Dear Clients!

We inform you that the work of the warehouse in Сhaplinka city is restored, the warehouse is situated at the new address:

1а Kalanchatsʹka Str.

tel.: (067) 216-04-77

Schedule of work:

Mon-Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sat: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sun: is a working day off

We are waiting for you at our representatives offices.


Delivery Company congratulates you with a bright holiday of Easter!

We sincerely wish you and your families peace, prosperity, strong health. Let your hearts be filled with welfare. Let Easter bells, sweet-smelling Easter cake and brightly colored Easter eggs bring love, harmony, and cheerful joy into your house!

Let all your good intentions and affairs make true on this day!

Happy Holidays!


NEW! NEW! Cargo tracking on the map in real time!

From now on, information about location of your cargo on the map is available 24/7, whether it is in the warehouse or in the car in the course of movement.

It is easy to use this service. After visiting delivery-auto.com website, go to the search for a receipt by number. The opened window with information on the receipt will contain a new section - “Tracking on the map”, which will display the location of your cargo at the moment. Also, you can additionally get to know about actions regarding the cargo in the warehouses - whether it is unloading from the car, loading, or placing.

Delivery-Auto service is not available in the current mobile application, because a new mobile application will be launched in the next few months, where this service will be realized.

Delivery Company digitalizes your logistics!

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