Delivery expanded the possibility of online payments

There is the possibility to pay for the services of transportation (Freight Forwarding Services) and insurance on the website in the section “Global search for receipts or information”, as well as in Personal area (section - Unpaid receipts).

There are three methods of payment for the convenience of the client:

- via Private24

- by Mastercard/Visa cards

- with an electronic liqPay wallet

In the process of payment the system can ask for confirmation of payment by SMS or QR code. After the money is debited from the card - the status of payment in the receipt will be automatically changed to paid. The basic and related unpaid receipts are paid in one amount. In addition, the cost of bank services is paid.

It should be noted that payment of receipts through Delivery Company website is the fast and secure way to online payments.


Delivery Company increased the volume of specified services by 20%

The indexes of Delivery Company in the 1st quarter of 2019 show a rapid growth in demand for services of addresses pick-ups and deliveries in Ukraine. Thus, in the period from January to March of the current year, the share of addresses pick-ups and deliveries in the Company amounted to 27%, exceeding the index for the same period last year by 2%.

At the same time, the average weight of 1 shipment showed growth: 262 kg in 2019 - against 240 kg in 2018. The most popular type of shipment is cargoes over 30 kg, which together with palletized shipments amount to 97% of the total freight traffic.

The timeliness of arrival, service and safety are the basic components of the effective work of the Company and they are displayed in open KPI on Delivery Company website:

• Timeliness of arrival - is 86.6% (+ 4% by 2018)

• Share loss - is 1 Unit of cargo of 47 619 Units of cargo

• Share of cargo damages – is 1 Unit of cargo of 931 Units of cargo

• Willingness to recommend the Company (NPS) – is 73.35% (+ 30% by 2018)

Over the last 3 months, Delivery Company opened 7 departments in villages and settlements with less than 20 thousand people. Representative offices were most often opened in the Kherson, Lviv and Sicheslav (Dnipropetrovsk) regions.

Real insurance, implemented through partnership with “Kvorum” Insurance Company, allowed to increase the amount of insured cargo to 1.7 billion UAH.

In the II quarter of 2019, Delivery Company plans to focus on revising transport routes, reducing times for delivery and digitizing services.


Work schedule of Delivery Company on Easter and May holidays

Dear Clients!

With the aim to create comfortable conditions of cooperation with Delivery Company, we publish the approved work schedule of the Company for Easter and May holidays:

April 28, 29, 30 and May 01 - are days off.

April 02 – the Company works in the normal course

May 09 - is a day off

May 10 – the Company works in the normal course

We wish you bright Easter and hearty May holidays!


Moving of the warehouse Cherkasy-1

Dear Clients!

We inform you that from April 18, the work of the warehouse  Cherkasy-1 is restored, the warehouse is situated at the new address: 

582. Gogolya street.

Tel.:  (067) 520-56-17

Schedule of work:

Mon-Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sat: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sun: is a working day off

We are waiting for you at our representatives offices.


Moving of the warehouse in Varash City

Dear Clients!

We inform you that from April 20, the work of the warehouse in Varash city is restored, the warehouse is situated at the new address:

5 Energetykiv street.

Tel.: (067) 541-20-44

Schedule of work:

Mon-Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sat: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sun: is a working day off

We are waiting for you at our representatives offices.


Вірогідні затримки при здійсненні зборів і доставок в Києві

Шановні клієнти!

Зверніть увагу, що в зв'язку з частковим перекриттям центральній частині Києва 19 квітня, вірогідні затримки при здійсненні зборів і доставок.

Обмеження руху транспорту, ініційоване у зв'язку з проведенням заходів на НСК «Олімпійський», діє на наступних відрізках дороги:

  • Вул.Велика Васильківська - від ул.Деловой до вул.Саксаганського
  • Ул.Деловая - від вул.Велика Васильківська до вул.Василя Тютюнника
  • Вул.Василя Тютюнника - від вул.Івана Федорова до ул.Деловой
  • Вул.Фізкультури - від ул.Антоновича до НСК «Олімпійський»
  • Вул.Жилянська - від ул.Антоновича до ул.Шота Руставелі
  • Ул.Шота Руставелі - від вул.Жилянській до вул.Саксаганського
  • Вул.Саксаганського - від ул.Еспланадній до вул.Велика Васильківська
  • Вул.Еспланадна - від вул.Басейна до вул.Саксаганського
  • Ул.Рогнедінская - від ул.Шота Руставелі до ул.Еспланадній


Opening of new representative office in Lebedyn city

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on April 19 representative office will be opened in Lebedyn city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 78 Ш, Tarasa Shevchenko Str.

Telephone: (067) 216-01-42

Schedule of work:

MON - FR: 09:00-18:00

SAT: 09:00-15:00

SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Cash on delivery at warehouses 6 days a week!

Following multiple customers’ requests, starting from April 18, Delivery Company is launching a 6-day working week on rendering COD by cash service.

Henceforth from Monday to Saturday, inclusively, our clients can make a receipt with the service, get cargo and money at the warehouses of the Company, equipped with COD desks.

The amount of one receipt with the service can be up to 150 000 UAH.

There is a reminder that COD by cash – is your additional security against substandard purchases.

You can find additional information about COD by cash service here.


New service “Regional address delivery” along the traffic route Zvenyhorodka – Shpola (Cherkasy region) was launched

Dear Clients!

Due to the fact that the warehouse in Shpola city (Cherkasy region) is temporary closed, the Company launches “Regional address delivery” service along the traffic route Zvenyhorodka – Shpola. Transportation along this traffic route is performed each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

After restoration of work of warehouse in Shpola city, this service will be terminated and about this fact we will additionally inform you at the web-site.


Delivery Company changed tariffs for address logistics

Delivery Company has focused on decreasing of tariffs for address logistics.

Starting from April 15 price of separate automobile for pickup and delivery of cargo was lowered from 8% to 10% in average. For instance, order of heavy truck for cargo of 20 tons will cost just 3,600.00 UAH.

Besides that, Company has simplified tariffication for delivery and pickup of cargo outside the city limits. There started to functionate fixed tariffs at 7 “corridors” of distances instead of additional payment for each km over 25 km. The price can be changed each 10 km for cargo with weight from 0.1 kg to 10 t.

You can find new tariffs here.

There is a reminder that starting from March, Delivery Company actively started to review its logistic chain and transportation process standardizing terms of delivery depending on distance between settlements. You can get to know about change of terms on directions at the page “New terms of delivery”.


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