«Delivery» turns 16 years!

Dear clients!

On December 17 the company “Delivery” turns 16 years. From the moment of establishment and up to now we came a long way – from the first trip in 2001 – to foundation of the group of companies Delivery Group.

These years were full of joyful and learning moments, sincere emotions, experiences, and success. However, the main thing that the past time left for us is the confidence that we have become a family.

Today we are sincerely proud that for 16 years we have been providing a positive contribution to the development of our clients’ business and we become a part of your story of success. We believe that doing our business we make the world better every day.

We thank all of you, all our true clients and partners for your trust and support during these 16 years.

Only thanks to you we could reach the level where we are now.


Delays of cargo arrival are possible throughout Ukraine

Dear Clients!

Due to complicated traffic situation, delays of cargo arrival may occur, which was provoked by snowfall and ice slick throughout most of Ukraine.

You will get a further notice about the situation developments.

Follow the informative updates of the website.

We exert maximum efforts to ensure that you receive your cargo on time!


The carriers can offer the vacant transport both on “Delivery” website and in the mobile version

“Delivery” extends features for its carriers. Online service “Carrier area”, that was launched in October, was added with a possibility to offer vacant transport for transportation. 

Filling the order both on “Delivery” website or in the mobile version gives the carrier the possibility to find the cargo quickly and minimize probability to return an empty van from the trip. For this purpose, the owner of the rented van in the order “To offer the van” should indicate in which city and on which date he would like to receive the cargo from “Delivery”. After providing this information the logistics specialist of the office will contact with the carrier: therefore the data will be updated and the trip will be confirmed.

We would like to remind that use of “Carrier area” is free of charge. Among the main features of the “Carrier area” is the real-time control of the trips, the document flow, control of payments, and also asses to the work indexes of the carrier’s vans and drivers in the real-time mode.


The clients of “Delivery” could change the address of warehouse of delivery by themselves in their personal area

“Delivery” gives the clients more features for independent control of their departures: now the address change within one city can be done in the personal area. Earlier the address change could have been done only through application to the manager with the following providing of the copy of the passport.

Service of address change within one city through personal area is free of charge and applies for delivery to the representative office.

To use the service, you should select the targeted receipt in the tab “Receipt Register” of the personal area and click to the panel of actions on the right side from the receipt.

In the drop down list of actions you should select address change and required warehouse of delivery. After confirmation of selected warehouse the information about address change for receipt will be sent to the company managers and you will additionally informed in the opened window on the client screen. 

Cost of service on address change in the company “Delivery”:

  • Address change within one city – free of charge
  • Address change between the cities – 10 UAH.

Full list of additional services of the company you can find here.


Peculiarities of work of department No.4 in Odesa city

Dear Clients!

Let us draw your attention to the fact that from December 15 due to technical reasons, department No. 4 in Odesa city is not going to work!

You will get a further notice about resuming of work of the warehouse at the website.

We apologize for temporarily inconveniences.


Delivery Group is a partner of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on industrialization affairs

Delivery Group will participate in a ceremonial event in celebration of 45 year anniversary of founding the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a partner of the Conference “New industrialization: challenges, opportunities, and prospects for Ukraine”.

Within the scope of the Conference, the director of development department of “Delivery” Kateryna Hryshyna will present her report “Modern technologies as a driver of logistic market extension in Ukraine”.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration, “Institute for Economics and Forecasting of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences”, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Industry Expertise”, Chinese Commerce Association (CCA) and also the Committee on State-Private Partnership at the Ukrainian CCI are the co-organizers of the event.

The Conference “New industrialization: challenges, opportunities, and prospects for Ukraine” is taking place at the exhibition centre of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the address: 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska St., Kyiv city.


Service of cash on delivery service is renewed at the warehouse No7 in Odesa city

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that starting from December 15 at the warehouse No 7 in Odesa city, rendering services of “COD by cash” and “Money transfer with cash” were renewed.

Please pay attention that receiving and transfer of money by the service of C.O.D. payment at this representation office is only possible on week days (Monday through Friday).

Service “Cash on Delivery” allows the clients to transfer cash  for any type of delivery: cargo, parcels, pallets, tires.

“Delivery” constantly increases the number of the offices where you can use the service and provide a possibility to the clients to transfer the money for the goods in other cities of Ukraine.

As of today, services “COD by cash” and “Money transfer with cash are rendered by 93 representative offices of “Delivery”. 


Moving of the warehouse in Melitopol city

Dear clients!

In order to create comfortable conditions of cooperation, the “Delivery” company continues to open new warehouses at accessible locations with convenient driveways. The representative offices that were opened earlier change their addresses to be closer to you!

Starting from December 18, the warehouse in Melitopol city starts working at the address:

103/3 Lesya Ukrayinka St.

Tel. (067) 620-81-61

Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00 am – 06:00 pm, Sat: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm.

Please pay attention to the fact that due to moving, the warehouse is not going to work on December 16. Conveying a service of Cash on Delivery is suspended at the Melitopol representative office until notice on the website.

We are always glad to see you at our representative offices! 


A service of C.O.D is launched on the warehouse No 4 in Lviv!

Dear clients!

We are pleased to inform you that starting from December 12, at the warehouse No 4 in Lviv city, new services “COD with cash” and “Money cash transfer” were launched.

Service “Cash on delivery” allows our clients to send cash money for any type of the sending: shipments, parcels, pallets, tires.

“Delivery” company constantly increases the number of offices where one can use the services and we provide an opportunity for the clients to transfer cash for goods in other cities of Ukraine.

As of today, “COD with cash” and “Money cash transfer” services are provided at 93 representative offices of “Delivery” company.

You can find out more information with the service here



Due to complicated weather conditions, arrival of cargo can be delayed

Dear clients!

Due to complicated road situation, caused by snowfall and black ice in the East, delays of cargo arrival are possible all over the territory of Ukraine.

On the road section of Stryi – Mukachevo in the Transcarpathian Ukraine, about a hundred of trailer trucks are halted to complete stop, a part of the roads is blocked for trucks to move through.

We are going to inform you about further development of the events. Follow the information updates of the website.

We put most efforts so as you receive your cargo on time! 

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