Warehouse in Lubny city renewed its work

Dear clients!

Please note that since November 23, warehouse in Lubny city renewed its work activity!

We are waiting your cargos to dispatch at the address: Chernyahivskogo str., 7.

We remind that previously on November 18, the work of representative office was temporary stopped due to technical reasons.


Opening a new representative office in Kiliya town (Odesa region)

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that on November 22 2016, new representative office in Kiliya town (Odesa region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 26 Myru Str.

Phone(067) 628-25-73

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are very welcome!


«Delivery» held a Business-Breakfast: «Smart Logistics»: from access to а new market – to «Last mile».

On November 11 «Delivery»  Company held a business-breakfast «Smart Logistics»: from access to а new market – to «Last mile» at a Customer Service Center.

The company has gathered very strong team of experts and speakers, who have shared practical knowledge in insurance, logistic and international transportations.

Viktor Baranowskiy, head of projects of "Logistics Workshop" Center told about his vision of "last mile" role of in company's logistics chain. His report has been supported by practical examples of "Delivery" Head of the Department of the address logistics  Anton Bondarchuk, who spoke about the qualitative changes in the address logistic in the company in 2016.

For example, during 10 months of the current year the volume of deliveries increased by 17% and accounted  23% of total shipments, in comparison with the same period of 2015. The percent of pick-ups of cargo is growing. If in previously year 22% of cargos, transported by "Delivery" Company was taken from the customer address, in the 3d quarter of 2016 this percent is 25%.

The CEO of «Kvorum» insurance company – Elena Mironenko shared her own experience in insurance sphere and told how to choose correctly an insurance company, on which details clients need to pay their attention when it is necessary to make a contract.

Dmitry Pyatnitskiy, Head of the department of foreign trade and consulting of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine told  about
introduction of Ukrainian companies at the European markets, import and export.

The most expectative performance of the business breakfast was the report of "Delivery" project manager Alexander Ilnitsky. Presented service of orders and deliveries of goods from US online stores - Delivery shop - caused the great interest of the audience. "The main difference between the «Delivery Shop» service from existing analogues - Full integration with American online stores, allowing customers instantly make purchases online without copying links and English knowledge ", - Alexandr concluded.
"Delivery" Customer Service Center is a free professional communication platform for customers and partners of the company, market leaders, national and international experts. Monthly CSC  held  business conferences, forums and professional workshops.

To get more details, please, click the link.


«Delivery» Company summed results of the 3d quarter 2016

Demand for shipping services is rapidly growing in Ukraine, while the Ukrainian people are more willing to receive their dispatches "door to door". This is evidenced by indicators of "Delivery" logistics company for the 3d quarter 2016.

So, during 10 months of the current year the volume of deliveries increased by 17% and accounted  23% of total shipments, in comparison with the same period of 2015. The percent of pick-ups of cargo is growing. If in previously year 22% of cargos, transported by "Delivery" Company was taken from the customer address, in the 3d quarter of 2016 this percent is 25%.

In the specialized segment of consolidated cargo, Company continued to steer the course, reaching the increase of average weight of 1 receipt (TTN receipt) by 9%.
Current results for the period: January-October 2016 showed an increased interest of cargo owners in insurance. On average, the number of insured goods increased by 19.5% in the company. Taking into the account the fact  that at the West there is 90% covered by insurance of the goods, in Ukraine the insurance of goods covers less than half of the market - still a huge potential for further growth.
For the first three quarters of 2016 "Delivery" launched 39 new representative offices in the cities where the company has not been previously provided. The plans before the end of the year - the opening of 11 new warehouses in Ukraine in close proximity to the manufacturing and distribution centers, large companies of retail sector. Some representative offices  will be launched on its own, and some - by franchise. Thus, up to the end of 2016 "Delivery" will execute the plan of opening, announced earlier this year, and will expand the network of representative offices up to 280.

From the beginning of the 2016 the Company actively extended the specter of services for individual persons and legal entity.

In July, "Cash on delivery" service was launched, allowing customers to transfer cash for goods. Today, COD is available at 45 representative offices of the company. Plan is to launch the COD at 55 representative offices all over Ukraine up to the end of the year. 
Since the beginning of autumn "Delivery" started up  the first industry solution "Auto Price" for manufacturers and distributors of spare parts. In October, the number of cargo dispatches of auto  industry increased by 50%. The most popular category of cargo shipments were vehicle and passenger car tires, which occupied 79% of the total volume of deliveries of auto products through the "Delivery". Another "Delivery" priority course will be development of the construction industry, for which a new industry-specific proposal is creating by the company.
Since October 2016, "Delivery" became to deliver goods for Ukrainian people from USA online stores. Delivery-Shop is a new service which is  fully automated system of goods purchases  in US online-shops with the further delivery to more than 1760 points of issue in Ukraine. Today, in  the catalog of  Delivery online-shop is the largest in the world choice of consumer goods - Amazon. In the nearest time it will be available Zappos hypermarket and store for children - Toys R Us.
In 2017 "Delivery" plans to replenish Delivery-Shop catalog by online-shops from China.

Active dynamics is observed for the development of freight traffic through «DelTruck» company, which is included in "Delivery" group of companies. From January to October 2016 the number of «DelTruck» flights increased by 65%, the number of customers - has increased by 3.5 times in comparison with previous period of  2015.


Delays of cargo delivery from/to Ternopil

Dear clients!
Please note that due to bad weather conditions City Council in Ternopil city decided temporarily to restrict the movement of vehicles weighing more than 8t during the snowfall from 6 a.m. up to 11 p.m.
Such kind of restriction will influence at cargo delivery terms from/to Ternopil.
Decision of City Council is actual up to the 1st March 2017


Перегляд і доопрацювання Проекту Закону «Про поштовий зв’язок» є нагальною необхідністю! – гравці ринку поштової доставки та логістики

15 листопада у приміщені Українського кризового медіа-центру за участі основних гравців ринку та посадовців УДППЗ «Укрпошта» відбувся круглий стіл «Як нова редакція законопроекту "Про поштовий зв'язок" вплине на ринки поштово-логістичних послуг та онлайн-торгівлі».

Ініціатором проведення круглого столу виступив Комітет із питань транспорту і логістики Спілки українських підприємців, головуючим якого наразі є заступник голови правління «Делівері» Івасів Андрій. За його словами, «ряд положень проекту закону містять передумови для вчинення корупційних дій з боку регулятора - НКРЗІ. У разі прийняття законопроекту у його поточному вигляді, ринок буде жорстко зарегульований, а Регулятор отримає безпрецедентні повноваження. На моє глибоке переконання повноваження Регулятора мають бути піддані серйозній ревізії і скороченню – у тому числі, і в рамках законодавства про дерегуляцію господарської діяльності».

У ході обговорення приватні компанії сфери доставки наголосили й на інших проблемних положеннях законопроекту. Серед яких – загроза здорожчання послуг доставки для клієнтів, яка стане наслідком впровадження внеску на регулювання галузі поштового зв’язку, що закладений в поточній редакції документу на рівні 0,2% від доходу кожного гравця.

На фоні впровадження практики прихованого ліцензування поточна редакція закону передбачає також отримання дозвільного документу на діяльність поштового оператора від регулятора – НКРЗІ. Загалом, у разі прийняття законопроекту в поточній редакції, гравці ринку працюватимуть в умовах жорсткого контролю та адміністративного тиску, у площині, яка досі  розвивалася в умовах вільної і чесної конкуренції!

Учасники ринку, включно із державним оператором УДППЗ «Укрпошта», підтримують нагальну необхідність перегляду та доопрацювання законопроекту в його поточному вигляді, та закликають органи влади та регулятора врахувати неодноразово надіслані зауваження та пропозиції до законопроекту!


Переглянути відео з круглого столу «Як нова редакція законопроекту «Про поштовий зв’язок» вплине на ринки поштово-логістичних послуг та онлайн-торгівлі» можна за посиланням

У заході взяли участь представники «Делівері», «Нова Пошта», «Міст Експрес», «Ін Тайм», E-commerce Expert, СУП та УДППЗ «Укрпошта».

До участі були запрошені представники Міністерства інфраструктури України та Національної комісії з регулювання зв’язку та інформатизації (НКРЗІ), які проігнорували участь в круглому столі.

Законопроект «Про поштовий зв’язок» було опубліковано для громадського обговорення на сайті Міністерства інфраструктури 13 жовтня. У визначений законом строк усі приватні гравці ринку подали свої пропозиції до Міністерства інфраструктури України щодо опублікованої редакції закону, проте жодні коментарі законотворцями враховані не були.


«Delivery» Company started up «Cash on delivery» in Uzhgorod city

Delivery" logistic Company actively extends «Cash on delivery» service.

On November, 14 the service was started up at another warehouses of the company: Uzhgorod city

"Cash on delivery" service allows customers to transfer cash for the goods.

Cash on delivery is available for all kinds of dispatches: cargos, parcels, pallets, tires.
In the future the company plans to increase the number of representative offices, where you can use the service and will allow customers to transfer cash for the goods in other cities of Ukraine.

We remind that «Cash on delivery» service has been started up since July 2016 on the following warehouses:

Bila Tserkva Kyiv-2 Odesa-7
Boryspil-1 Kyiv-3 Pokrovsk-1
Brovary-1 Kyiv-14 Poltava-1
Vinnitsya-1 Kovel-1 Rivne-1
Vyshneve Kostiantynivka Severodonetsk
Volodymir-Volynskiy Kramatorsk Sumy-1
Dnipro-1 Kremenchuk-1 Kharkiv -1
Dnipro-2 Kryvyi Rih -1 Kharkiv-4
Dnipro-4 Lutsk-1 Kharkiv -5
Zhytomyr-1 Lviv-1 Kharkiv-7
Zaporizhzhya -1 Lviv-3 Kherson-1
Zaporizhzhya-3 Mariupol-1 Khmelnickiy-2
Zolotonosha Melitopol Chervonograd
Ivano-Frankivsk Mykolaiv-1 Chernigiv-1
Kyiv-1 Odesa-1 Uzhgorod

To get more information about «Cash on delivery» service, click the link


Work features of warehouse in Balakliya city

Dear clients!

Please note that on November 14, warehouse in Balakliya city will be not working up to 4 p.m. due to technical reasons.

We apologize for temporary inconvenience.


Attention! Delays of cargo arrival are possible!

Dear clients!

Please note that delays of cargo arrival and delays of address pick-ups /delivery could be at west regions due to bad weather conditions: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnickiy.

Movement of transport is temporary stopped toward: Busk, Brody, Struy, Drogobych, Berdichev, Kozyatin.

There are problems with entering  of transport to Zhytomyr and Bila Tserkva.

All changes in vehicle traffic will be promptly communicated at the website: follow the information updates.


Movement of representative office in Ivano-Frankivsk city

Dear clients!

Please note that on November 12 representative office in Ivano-Frankivsk city will be working up to 3 p.m. due to movement of the warehouse.

Since November 14, representative office will be located: Ivano-Frankivsk city, Sagaydachnogo, 48 D str.

Telephone numbers: (067) 620-54-26, (067) 623-00-18

Work schedule:

Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sat: 9 a.m – 5 p.m.

Sun: Day off

We are waiting for you at the new address! 

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