"Delivery" suspended its work in Donetsk city due to repressions from the so called "DPR"

Dear clients,

In the period from December 02, 2014 to December 04, 2014, armed men, that introduced themselves as employees of the Ministry of State Security of "DPR" (hereafter - MSS) detained 8 trucks with cargo of LLC "Delivery" that we leaving Donetsk. More than 2,000 clients (!) lost their deliveries.

Detention of the vehicles was performed without producing any documents or announcing any reasons. After detention, the vehicles with the cargo were brought and located at the MSS facility, at the address 3 Svitloho shlyahu St, Donetsk city.

3 days later the transport with the cargo was given to the Kossack unit. During the parking GPS-sensors were removed from all the trucks, then the vehicles with the transported cargo were moved to the territory where the kossacks were based. All the cargo from the trucks were unloaded into hangars and simply misappropriated.

The security service of the company "Delivery" addressed many times to the authorities of the so called "DPR" - the police, prosecutor's office, military prosecutor's office, military police, and the Ministry of State Security. They did not gain any results.

Due to the fact that currently the authorities of the so called "DPR" has not taken any real steps to return the stolen cargo, there are all the reasons to consider this occurrence a planned deed, directed to intimidate the business representatives, complete termination of the citizens' supply and movement of the cargo (among many - food, medicine, personal things, and other goods of social significance).

In view of the events described and because safety of the clients' cargo cannot be guaranteed when transporting to the territory of the so called "DPR", the management of the company made a responsible decision to suspend working in Donetsk city until the property is returned fully.

To clarify concerning the further steps and to receive consultations, please refer by the telephone:

067 – 620 – 08 – 73 (Anna Snisarenko) 

Below is the list of the receipt numbers, that correspond to the cargo detained by MSS "DPR" in the period from December 02, 2014 to December 04, 2014. The cargo which is not listed can be returned to the senders from the warehouses in Donetsk. 

Receipts list