The winner of special offer «Do you want to get a TV set for 45 UAH?» has been leaked out

On the 1st of March, the greatest special offer «Do you want a TV set for 45 UAH » was finished. It has lasted for all winter. We remind you that the Super gift was a TV set (diagonal 40).

The winner of the offer became Roman Gashenko (receipt number – 0290004149). Our lucky client delivered his cargo on February 8 from Gaysin city, using «Collect on delivery» service when he offered «Delivery to Postomat» service.

«It was some unbelievable feeling when they called.  I was sure that it would be another person who wins. And only when several seconds passed I heard that it was not joke, I was a winner! I was really happy!»  - Roman told.

We kindly remind you that the special offer «Do you want a TV set for 45 UAH »  period was: November 16 2015 – February 29 2016. To take part in promotion, it was necessary  to use «Collect on delivery» service when you offered  «Delivery to Postomat» service. The winner is chosen randomly at website

Offer’s interesting facts:

Demand for «Delivery to Postomat» service usage has been increased by 25%;

There are 3 cities, where «Delivery to Postomat» service is more popular: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov;

L box of the automatic parcel terminal has been used more often.