«Delivery» changes tariffs on certain services

Since the 1st of November «Delivery» logistic Company changes tariffs on certain services: on the average, tariffs on transportation in Ukraine raise on 8,71 %.

Changes in tariffs  are associated with costs increase for the logistics and transport processes: over the last 9 months diesel fuel increase has amounted to 20,81% in Ukraine, the overall inflation rate was 6,41%.

Price increase will be followed by revision of magistral  flights and reduction of delivery terms.

Despite the changes, "Delivery" tariffs remains one of the best in the market.

Previously presented the first industry-specific tariff "Auto price" in September makes it possible to send auto products in Ukraine at a price of 16.00 UAH.
«Auto price» gives opportunity to send: freight and passenger tires, wheels, car cans and drums, batteries, mufflers, LPG equipment, auto parts.

In addition, the company provides a  high responsibility for cargo security.

The personal insurance service, provided by "Delivery", suggests one of the lowest rates in the market – 0,4% insurance fee (from the value of  goods and without franchise).
Thank you for your trust!

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«Delivery» team