"Delivery" has increased the service of auto industry twice

In October, "Delivery" logistic company increased the number of cargo dispatches of auto industry by 50%. The most popular category of cargo shipments were freight and passenger tires, which occupied 79% of the total volume of auto deliveries through "Delivery".
The positive dynamics associated with the launch of the first industry solution "Auto Price", which was created for manufacturers and distributors of spare car parts, as well as motorists.

"Auto Price" applies to shipment: freight and passenger tires and wheels, car cans and drums, batteries, mufflers, LPG equipment, auto parts.

As part of the tariff there is a single price for the delivery of auto products all over Ukraine, and payment occurs for the cargo item.
An important "Auto Price" advantage was also the cancellation of the registration payment of receipt.
"Today, the auto industry - one of the fastest growing in the Ukrainian economy. The volume of sales of automobile parts grows despite the fact that the number of new car sales in the Ukrainian salons significantly decreased, - «Delivery» CEO, Elena Lakatosh commented. - Thus, in the first half of 2016 the market of auto parts increased by 46% in Ukraine, and this means that huge potential of future growth remains. "

Among the «Delivery» priorities is the development of the construction industry, for which a new branch offer is creating by the company.