Delivery-International has started up an automated purchase and delivery system from USA

Delivery-International Company has launched a Delivery-Shop service - fully automated system of goods purchases  in US online-shops with the further delivery to more than 1760 points of issue in Ukraine.
The main difference of  Delivery-Shop service from existing analogues - full integration with the American online-shops, that allows  customers  to shop online instantly without copying references and knowledge of English language.

The lowest price of Delivery-Shop service is  $ 3.5 for the cargo up to 500 g.

Additional charges: "Оrder check" for compliance with cargo packaging (for an unlimited number of items per order) - $ 4.00. This service is an additional guarantee that the customer will receive the goods in Ukraine, fully corresponding to the ordered in the US online-shop.

If you take more than one item, the company offers to consolidate them into one order to deliver to Ukraine. In this case, check of one order will be 1 $ 4.00 + $ 1.50 for consolidation. 
Payment for delivery shall be made through Personal Area by use Visa and Master Card of any bank of Ukraine.
If goods that were purchased in online-shop were not available at warehouse in USA or it arrived damaged, Delivery-International Company guarantees to refund money to the customer in a period of 5 working days.
From the date of payment, Delivery-Shop user begins to track every change of the order status in Personal area and by use of e-mail announcements. For convenience, the system displays the following order status:
  • Order was raised
  • Arrived to the warehouse/ Not arrived to the warehouse
  • Successfully checked/ Is contrary to the purchase
  • Paid and sent to Ukraine/Waiting for payment
  • Passing the customs/ Customs cleared/Passed the custom
  • The cargo during transit across Ukraine
  • Arrived to the warehouse
  • Ready to issue
International transportation to Ukraine through  Delivery-Shop service occupies not more than 5 working days. At the same time, the total product delivery term (from the order in the US online shop to getting it in Ukraine) is largely depends on availability of cargo at warehouse and varies from 16 to 20 days. As a part of the activities of  Delivery-Shop service,  delivery across Ukraine is free for charge.
Today, in  the catalog of  Delivery online-shop is the largest in the world choice of consumer goods - Amazon. In the nearest time it will be available Zappos hypermarket and store for children - Toys R Us.

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