“Delivery” strengthens its presence within B2B-transportations segment: final results of the 1st half-year period of year 2018.

In accordance with final results of the first half-year period of year 2018, “Delivery” (managing company within Delivery Group) transported over 130 645 ton of cargo, having increased the volumes of cargo transportations by 12.5% in comparison with similar period of year 2017. Share of address servicing increased by 8%, making, consequently, 25% from the total amount of transportations. It means that each fourth receipt in January - June of the present year was delivered to the address of the client and not to the representative office.

The sendings became bigger: average weight of cargo within one receipt is 143 kg, average weight of one sending is 248 kg.

General cargo segment continues to grow in the company: number of joint cargo (sendings over 30 kg) and pallets during the first half-year period of year 2018 is 96.5%. Percentage of parcels in “Delivery” has decreased that corresponds to the strategy of company positioning on target market servicing - small and medium business. So, average number of parcels per day during January - June decreased by 20%, average number of cargoes over 30 kg and pallets increased by 13% and 46$ respectively on a daily basis. 

It should be noted that the company develops representative network rather extensively . Only for 6 months of 2018, 22 new cargo compartments equipped with necessary loading/unloading machinery for B2B segment were opened. In total, 314 warehouses across Ukraine work for “Delivery”. It is exactly wide representativeness in the regions, proximity to the main roads and liberal pricing policy that promotes demand for services of “Delivery” in business segment and the planned increase in the company's freight turnover.

Real insurance implemented through partnership with Insurance company “Quorum” let increasing the share of insured cargo at “Delivery” up to 70%, amount of the insured cargo increased by 33%. At the same time, according to the most conservative estimates, the potential for full insurance of cargo transported by the company is estimated at more than 4.6 billion UAH.

"The growth of business activity throughout the country, the development of trade relations in Ukraine and beyond it, the entry of local business into international markets - now all this requires efficient and quick solutions from the logistics operator. Strategically, we focus on transportation of joint cargo and pallets, giving the transportation of parcels secondary role. Each warehouse, that the company opens, is equipped with the necessary loading and unloading equipment and is ready to accept any type of cargo, regardless of weight and volume. Increase of capacities at cargo warehouses, development of the representative network, introduction of real insurance and the revision of the main roads - allow us to carry out our obligations to the target audience of the company - B2B segment completely. The transportation market has been in an active segmentation stage for several years, so it is important for the company to understand who its actual customer is, "comments General Director of "Delivery” Olena Lakatosh.