Restoration of Delivery offices (updated)

Dear customers!

Already mote than 300 representative offices of the logistics company "Delivery" are working for you!

The services are still available to customers:

  • Address pick-up and delivery of cargo to the address;
  • Cargo packing;
  • In the mobile application and personal account of the client self-editing of data on receipts is available: change of the address of delivery of cargo, consignee, type of payment (cash / non-cash), the order of a fence or delivery of cargo; cargo tracking and more.

Please note that we accept minitractors, self-propelled chassis, self-propelled agricultural and road-building and reclamation machines, agricultural machinery and other mechanisms for transportation only with the written permission of such transportation from the relevant local military administration.

All current representative offices of the company accept personal belongings of Ukrainian citizens who have temporarily left for other countries for further transportation to European countries.

Get acquainted with the schedule of delivery "Delivery" in your city: a list of open offices "Delivery" from 29.05.2024(updated).

Restore your business together with Delivery!

We work for you!

Everything will be Ukraine!