Removal of the ban issuance at the mobile version of the web-site

«Delivery» logistic company has done available removal of the ban issuance at the mobile version of the web-site - delivery-auto.com, intended for usage on smartphones, and allowing the usage of popular "Delivery" services, regardless of where the user is located.
The decision to supplement the functionality of mobile version at the web-site was adopted by popular demand of customers who actively use smartphones.
In this way, removal of the ban issuance works at the following way:
  • In the address bar of smartphone user enters delivery-auto.com - the transition to the mobile version is automatically.
  • After the transition to the dashboard user selects the tab "My dispatches" - all receipts with the service "Prohibition of release of cargo " are specified by a red icon with the image of the hand.
  • Clicking on the receipt with the necessary service "Prohibition of release of cargo ", the user moves to expanded information on the receipt
  • When the code for checking comes in text message, please enter it in the open field
  • The ban on the release of cargo will be automatically removed!
We remind that the ban on the release of cargo refers to blocking release of goods to the recipient based on the sender's request at the time of registration of the cargo dispatch

The cost of "Prohibition of release of cargo" service is 20 UAH.

"Delivery" company quickly responds to the demands and wishes of its customers.


Features of the warehouse in Balakliya city

Dear clients!

Please note that due to technical reasons warehouse in Balakliya city will start its work since 10 a.m.

We apologize for temporary inconvenience


Take part in the special offer "Warm gifts for dispatched goods!"

Do you want to win one of a warm autumn gifts from  "Delivery" Company?


Do you want to win one of a warm autumn gifts from  "Delivery" Company?

Hurry up to take part in the special offer!

In the period: November 7 - December 16  dispatch your goods from one of the 67 company's warehouses - take part in the draw game of autumn gifts

Every Friday’s draw game:

  • Lap-robes
  • Thermo mugs

Special offer involves all dispatches, the cargo amount of one receipt is  from 250 UAH. (Warehouse - Warehouse)

Winners names will be randomly determined at the web-site random.org.

*The list of warehouses which takes part in the special offerBalta, Bogoduhiv, Bolgrad, Busk, Vasylkiv, Vyshgorod, Vinnitsya-1, Volchansk, Volnovaha, Volodymir-Volynskiy, Dobropillya, Zchytomir-1, Govti Vody, Zaporizhia-2, Zaporizhia-3, Zmiyiv, Zolotonosha, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kaniv, Kahovka, Kyiv-10, Kyiv-14, Kyiv-15, Kyiv-3, Kyiv-6, Kyiv-9, Kivercy, Kovel-1, Kovel-2, Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy, Konotop, Kocubinske, Krasnograd, Кременчук, Kryvyi Rih-3, Kropivnyckiy, Ladyzhyn, Lubny, Lutsk-2, Lutsk-3, Makariv, Marganets, Mariupol-1, Mirnograd, Mogilev-Podilskii, Nigyn, Nova Vodolaga, Novovolynsk, Novograd-Volynskiy,Piryatyn, Pokrovsk-2, Pokrovsk-3, Poltava-3, Priluki, Reni, Sarny, Skadovsk, Striy, Sumy-3, Trostyanec, Uman-2, Kherson-2, Horol, Cherkassy-2, Chernigiv-1, Yugnoukrainsk, Yampil.

To get more details, please, click the link


Opening a new representative office in Selidove town (Donetsk region)

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that on November 7 2016, new representative office in Selidove town (Donetsk region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 1Б Hoholya Str.

Phone(067) 628-25-68

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are very welcome!


"Delivery" has increased the service of auto industry twice

In October, "Delivery" logistic company increased the number of cargo dispatches of auto industry by 50%. The most popular category of cargo shipments were freight and passenger tires, which occupied 79% of the total volume of auto deliveries through "Delivery".
The positive dynamics associated with the launch of the first industry solution "Auto Price", which was created for manufacturers and distributors of spare car parts, as well as motorists.

"Auto Price" applies to shipment: freight and passenger tires and wheels, car cans and drums, batteries, mufflers, LPG equipment, auto parts.

As part of the tariff there is a single price for the delivery of auto products all over Ukraine, and payment occurs for the cargo item.
An important "Auto Price" advantage was also the cancellation of the registration payment of receipt.
"Today, the auto industry - one of the fastest growing in the Ukrainian economy. The volume of sales of automobile parts grows despite the fact that the number of new car sales in the Ukrainian salons significantly decreased, - «Delivery» CEO, Elena Lakatosh commented. - Thus, in the first half of 2016 the market of auto parts increased by 46% in Ukraine, and this means that huge potential of future growth remains. "

Among the «Delivery» priorities is the development of the construction industry, for which a new branch offer is creating by the company.


Rapid Chess Tournament

Dear partners!

On December 3 at 9.30 a.m.  rapid chess tournament will take place at Customer Service Center (Velyka  Vasylkivska str. 15/2) dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the "Delivery". Customers, suppliers and «Delivery» employees are invited. The tournament will be held on the Swiss system in 9 rounds with a time control of 15 minutes per game.

Winners (first three places) will be awarded with valuable gifts.

To take a participate in the tournament, please, book online.    
We are waiting for You!

Winners will be awarded with gifts:

1-st place Tablet ASUS ZenPad 10" 16GB Black

2-nd place Action-camera Xiaomi Yi Sport White Basic International Edition

3-rd place Ebook PocketBook Mini Grey


There may be delays of pick-up of cargo in Lviv city

Dear clients!

Please note that some delays of pick-up of  cargo in Lviv city could be due to technical reasons.

Do you have questions about pick up of cargo service  or if you need to order the pick-up of cargo, please call us: (067) 620-75-16, (067) 644-04-28, (032) 224-53-03, 224-53-33.

We apologize for temporary inconvenience.


Warehouse in Marganets city renewed work

Dear clients!

Please not that warehouse in Marganets city renewed its work!

We are waiting for your goods at the address: Promyslova, 1 str.

Remind that previously, on November 1st, the activity of warehouse was temporarily stopped.


Renewed circular route Kyiv - Kremenchuk – Kiev

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform that circular route Kyiv - Kremenchuk – Kiev was renewed!

Thanks to this innovation arrival terms at warehouses Kiev-1 and Kiev-11 reduced by 24 hours!

We improve our logistic with a thought about our clients!


«Delivery» Company begun to inform clients through Viber

"Delivery" logistics company has introduced a new way of informing customers - through messages in messenger Viber.

Due to the innovation customers have opportunity to receive  information about status of  goods, an official investigation, the prohibition of extradition and warehousing - by the third popular messenger in the world (Related Web, 2016 research).

The service is provided throughout the territory of Ukraine. Messages from "Delivery" companyy come under the account Delivery LTD.

In such a way, the customer informing takes place in the following way:
  • Viber users receive a rapid messages through messenger
  • In the cases when telephone number of the user is not connected to Viber, «Delivery» sends them text messages

Digital development of services - one of the parts of "Delivery" corporate strategy group.


Work of warehouse in Marganets is temporarily stopped

Dear clients!

Please note that due to technical reasons the work of warehouse in Marganets town is temporarily stopped.

We will inform You about resumption of work.

Watch for information website updates.


«Delivery» changes tariffs on certain services

Since the 1st of November «Delivery» logistic Company changes tariffs on certain services: on the average, tariffs on transportation in Ukraine raise on 8,71 %.

Changes in tariffs  are associated with costs increase for the logistics and transport processes: over the last 9 months diesel fuel increase has amounted to 20,81% in Ukraine, the overall inflation rate was 6,41%.

Price increase will be followed by revision of magistral  flights and reduction of delivery terms.

Despite the changes, "Delivery" tariffs remains one of the best in the market.

Previously presented the first industry-specific tariff "Auto price" in September makes it possible to send auto products in Ukraine at a price of 16.00 UAH.
«Auto price» gives opportunity to send: freight and passenger tires, wheels, car cans and drums, batteries, mufflers, LPG equipment, auto parts.

In addition, the company provides a  high responsibility for cargo security.

The personal insurance service, provided by "Delivery", suggests one of the lowest rates in the market – 0,4% insurance fee (from the value of  goods and without franchise).
Thank you for your trust!

Best regards,

«Delivery» team


«Delivery» company opened 50 new representative offices

«Delivery» company opened new representative offices:











The plans for 2016:  to start up more than 50 new warehouses in the cities, where company has not had representative offices before. Large offices will be opened in the immediate proximity to the production and distribution centers, large companies from the retail sector.
Some offices will be started up by its own, and some - on the affiliate program - franchising.
In such a way, until the end of 2016 " Delivery " will extend the cargo branch network to 280 items.

Expansion of the number of offices and working hours prolongation is an important strategic component of the company's presence at the market.

«Last year we measurable extended clients opportunity to receive cargos up to 30 kg. Started up «Delivery to automatic parcel terminal service» (more than 1,400 "PrivatBank" automatic parcel terminals), we offered a good alternative to representative offices of B2C format and covered part of the regions, where «Delivery» warehouses were missing. Today, we are also develop a completely new format of service offices for audience segment, which was covered badly earlier, "- has commented Elena Lakatosh, «Delivery» Chief executive officer.

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